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Frequently Asked Questions
The application due date is February 18, 2022. You may submit your application up until 11:59 PM EST on this date.
Any dues-paying Key Club member in good standing may apply for the award.
All applicants must submit this information so that you may be easily accessible and that records may be kept for the future in case any issues arise.
The District Affairs Committee. The award will be based off of the point system.
Part I will be weighted the most (40%) and the other three parts will be weighed equally. If you complete all parts fully, you will generally receive the award. All other applications are judged holistically. Generally, you will need to complete at least 70% (210 Points) of all the criteria to receive the award.
If it is due to an issue or circumstance with your home club or division which is out of your control, please contact the Awards Committee Member that will be reviewing your application.
No, only events, projects, or meetings during the 2021 - 2022 service year may be counted towards this application.
Yes, it is important to submit a personal statement of the highest quality. Although there is not a limit on the number of members that may receive the awards, the essay will allow the awards committee to understand you. The personal statement is weighed more than the other three parts (40%).
Yes, it is important to submit everything with a full description of the event. Since this year's DKC award is judged holistically, you may lose points for incomplete descriptions.
Yes, you may receive anywhere from 0 to 10 points based on the quality of work that was submitted.
You must include a description of the steps you have taken to advocate your project and include at least one additional document, such as a flier, poster, letter or petition.
Any Key Club member in good standing, Key Club Officer, Faculty Advisor or Kiwanis Advisor may write your recommendation.
No, you could have participated in five projects that benefited the same charities and still qualify for the award.
Local causes refer to any organization that is not listed under another category. Key Club International strongly believes that clubs should decide what projects each one undertakes, so we have decided to include the general category.
Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF should be listed as a Major Emphasis Service Partners project.
Please make sure that you are running the latest version of your browser or upgrade to a supported browser.
Please send an email to the District Affairs Committee (email is on the Overview tab after logging in, under Additional Resources) by 8:00 PM EST on the night the application is due (February 18, 2022). Requests after this time may not be honored.
Yes, we try our best to make sure that none of your data is lost. This is done by automatically saving your application while you are filling it out and hosting it on a secure platform. However, we do recommend that you save your responses somewhere in the off-chance that something goes wrong.
You should contact the District Affairs Committee Member that is responsible for your division. Contact Information can be found when you log in on the Overview tab, under Additional Resources.